Exploring the caves of Kościeliska Valley with a local mountain guide

This is a suggestion for those who wish to take a look at the Tatras from a different perspective. Visiting the caves of Kościeliska valley is also a great solution for a rainy day.

Mroźna Cave is located in the Organy massif, in the eastern part of Kościeliska Valley. It is the only illuminated cave on the Polish side of the Tatra Mountains. Its name (literally meaning “Frosty”) is connected with limestone gathering that resembles ice or rime.  The gallery is over 500 meters long and it takes about 30 minutes to complete the tour. It is open for sightseeing from May till October.

Mylna Cave is one of the most interesting caves on the Polish side of the Tatra Mountains. All of its galleries taken together stretch for over 1600 meters. Although it is not high in dripstones, its complex and varied system of galleries makes it the most interesting commercial cave on the Polish side of the Tatras and the tour always provides unforgettable experiences.

Raptawicka Cave it is a quite capacious cave with galleries of 150 meters length. The main asset of this cave is a very unusual access (chains, ladder) as well as the picturesque location of the access hole. Moreover, the cave is recognized for its large and spacious chambers which on their own are an interesting purpose of the excursion.

Smocza Jama which is located in Wąwóz Kraków, is nearly 40 meters long cave. The access to the cave is facilitated by ladder and chains. The chains go through the whole cave’s length which enables passing the route without lighting.  During wintertime the access way to the cave as well as the cave itself is at times slippery, which makes the passageway more difficult.
Route: Zakopane – Kiry (car/bus) – Lodowe Źródło – Hala Pisana – Hala Ornak Refuge – Mylna Cave – Kraków Gorge – Smocza Jama Cave – Kiry – Zakopane (car/bus)

Ascent/descent: 350m./350m.

Duration: 6-8 godz.

Difficulty: medium

Price: from 900,-pln
Other caves in the surroundings of Zakopane:
Bielska Cave (Slovakia) - situated very close to the Polish border, was discovered by treasure hunters in the 17th century. Currently, it is one of the most noted commercial caves in Slovakia. Its indisputable advantage is a rich dripstone occurrence (stalactites and stalagmites) and the location which is very near to the Polish borderline.

Dobszyńska Ice Cave (Slovakia) is locatated in the Slovak Paradise National Park. It is one of the most valuable ice caves in the world. In some parts the ice is 25 meters thick. The cave forms a perfect complement to the visit in the picturesque recesses of the Slovak Paradise.